Five fantastic food influencers to follow!

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Great recipes, flavourful food, gorgeous photography, restaurant reviews - these influencers give you all of it.

  1. Maunika Gowardhan

Maunika Gowardhan is an Indian food writer and chef. Her simple and homely cooking style uses a great deal of fresh local ingredients. Her dishes range from a flavourful Punjabi Handi Murgh to a creamy Strawberry Falooda and everything in between. So if you’re feeling homesick and craving some comfort food, Maunika Gowardhan is the one to follow!


  1. Karan Tripathi

Karan Tripathi’s Instagram bio reads, “Food is more than just food!” and one look at his profile will help you understand just what he means. His yummy dishes and drinks are gorgeously photographed in all their aesthetic glory. If you’re wondering what drink to pair with what dish, or are looking for some plating inspiration, go follow Karan Tripathi.


  1. Kartik Khanna

An amateur cook, blogger, and food photographer Karthik Khanna’s food is the ultimate definition of comfort food - whether it’s his carrot cake with cream cheese frosting or donne style mutton biryani. So if you’ve got both a sweet and savoury tooth, this is the profile to follow.


  1. Swayampurna

Swayampurna, the owner of Lapetitchef and author of My Indian Kitchen has a wholesome take to cooking. Spiced cheesy brioche, mango cheesecake, oats spinach crepe are just some of the many scrumptious, healthy dishes she cooks up. Follow her page for more yumminess.


  1. Karan Dua

Karan Dua is a food explorer and founder of the YouTube channel, Dilsefoodie. He travels the country, eating at and reviewing street food corners and restaurants. (Yeah, it’s the dreamiest of all dream jobs.) So if you’re a huge fan of authentic Indian food or are looking for your next favourite food joint, follow Karan Dua.

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