Pre Order & Same day delivery

Pre Order Delivery

You would see a lot of the items we have listed on the website are for Pre Order. This is to make sure that we source only the best as well as good quality fresh meat


Same Day Delivery

Meat that includes regular cuts and fast moving items are available for orders that would deliver the same day. We are constantly working to make sure that more products are available for daily delivery. 

Delivery of orders are booked and planned from 8 am to 8 pm, broken to 6 - two hours slots (0800-1000, 1000-1200, 1200-1400, 1400-1600, 1600-1800 & 1800-2000).

Kindly choose your convenient time slots and please note that you would need to place your order just 2 minutes prior to get the next time slot on the same day.